Living room

Bedroom ideas for every kind of dream

Being your kids future astronauts, space travelers or novelists, they need to have a special place where they become that. We have solutions for every kind of challenges and occasions: pillows battles, night study sessions, pajama’s parties.

Put all the toys of your children in the box under their favorite yellow bed. Stock their books in a red corner bookshelf near the writing desk, it will be easier to select the story to read before saying goodnight.

Put a colored bookshelf within the beds of your sharing room children

it will be easy to have some intimacy or move a book and chat a little, before sleeping.

With a stair made of drawers, near the bed, they can have a cozy place upstairs with toys nearby or an additional bed if a friend wants to stay for the night.

Make your nights prestigious with Italian Design

Choose your bedroom wisely, it’s the room where all your days will start and end. Make your children live in a comfortable and organized place to dream quietly, and bring beauty into your nights and starts.