Living room

End your day on the perfect sofa, stylish Italian solutions

​It must be comfortable if you just want to seat on it. It must be relaxing if you want to read a book. It must hug you with its warmth if you want to lay on it. This is the perfect sofa

Are you a leather or a cotton person? A coziness finder or a lux lover? We have solutions for both of you, and also, here you can find cozy luxurious solutions for Italian designed living rooms, entry rooms or offices.
Put a pinch of modernity into your house with a blue leather golden refined armchair or give a shiny touch with a large, white, cotton made sectional couch which fit perfectly with some soft, bronzed pillows.

Host your friends on an Italian contemporary sleeper sofa

Are you having a party in your beautiful Italian designed living room and some friends of yours want to stay for the night? Or maybe, you’re working a lot and need to stay in the office. The right solution is to have a great, well designed and cozy sleeper sofa.

Let your creative mind feel free to choose the favorite color or material, made of velvet or made of leather, imagine a recliner or a sustained puff on which to lay down and have some time for yourself.

Be the master of your house sat on a craftsman-made couch

A couch is the most important piece of furniture of a house: this is the place for family meetings, gaming nights, night chatting with friends, movie nights, reading Sundays. In the office, clients will see it as your own, unique style signature.