Luxury accessories

Luxury accessories

​Accessories hand made by the most prestigious and historical leather masters in Italy. You can use them for any occasions. Bags or shoes to wear everyday or on a special event. Your office briefcase, elegant and accessorized. Your free time, with comfortable back pack or an exclusive golf bag

Since 1947 precision in details, smoothness and perfection to the touch of every single piece

prove the merit of the artisan. Reliability and dedication: these are the secrets that make it possible for an Italian firm to sell bags and suitcases in the most glamorous sales point all over the world.

Back in 1947, in Milan, when Italy was recovering from the disasters of world war two, a leather craftsman, Natale Beretta, founded the family business called “Lavorazione artigiana del cuoio” (Handicraft leather products).“Compasso d’Oro” award to ARCATA bag The award “premio la Rinascente Compasso d’Oro 1956” to the ARCATA bag by VALIGERlA BERETTA, shows how this piece is the perfect example of a product where tradition in shape meets modernity in materials and comfort.

This award stresses the quality of execution that distinguishes the production of Beretta Company.

Our bags are so precious because they represent the meeting point of two different aspects: time and dedication.precision in details, smoothness and perfection to the touch of every single piece, prove the merit of the artisan.The care for details.

Manufacturing of joining and wearing points and the perfect functioning of bearings and metal smallware are the key elements that distinguish an high quality product.