Table and chairs

Style it up with the right table and chairs

Welcome to the section where you can choose table and chairs for your kitchen, living room or office: this could be seen as a simple matter or a choice you can make for last, but the truth is this is a really important thing to decide.

If you’re looking for a dining room table, if you are choosing furniture you will use to dine with family or friends, you probably want it to be really cozy and adaptable to all situations. Or maybe you’re here because you are looking for some top design pieces to place in your meeting room, at the office.
Being you here for work, or for pleasure, you’re in the right place to find the right solution.

All around a dining table let the family stay together

Are you a round table person? Or a kitchen table one? Do you prefer the living room or the kitchen to dining with your family? And with friends, are you a high table fancy person that loves to have a chatty informal dinner sitting on a high stool in the kitchen?

All of these questions (and more) can find their answer here, through all these possible solutions for your table and chairs choice. You can browse our classic furniture, or amuse yourself with modern glass tables with contemporary white and minimalistic chairs.

Also, please consider materials are really important to make your style show up: wooden dining chairs may make the room warm and welcoming, leather dining chairs will surely give your room a glamorous and luxurious look.

Make your clients sit on some elegant office chairs

In the office, whenever you are with clients or colleagues, appearance is important: the table you will choose will be the one around which all important decisions will be taken, ideas and projects will be born here, so all need to be fantastic.