The perfect lighting solution? ​​Not just a common Lamp: bring in the light of Italy

The Italian lighting solution you are looking for. Welcome to the world of Italian designer lightning. This is the place where the light comes ​ALIVE.

Glass art was born in Venice and now comes to you as a lighting solution by the wise hands of our craftsmen.
These pieces are absolutely unique, handmade and created to bring beauty into your spaces.
You can find decorative lighting, interior design lights, all it’s customizable, personal, spectacular. Every room will be magnificent.

An Italian design choice of quality

Choose the fine art of a modern chandelier. Or, play with dark colors and delight your eyes with contemporary curves.

Be minimalist, and choose the thin white lines and gentle forms of a floor lamp.

Or, be exaggerated and show your baroque taste with an amazing futurist flavor with a black and red table lamp.

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You will find many different kinds of Italian lighting solutions, adaptable for every kind of situation.

Take your time to go through all of them while trying to image a new light in your house, room or office. A new illumination can become a complete restyling, giving new life to a place.

Start the tour through Italian lighting solutions

Find the perfect lighting solution to give new life to an environment.

Create the perfect environment to welcome your clients or guests into your waiting or living room.

It’s not just about choosing a design lamp.

It’s all about the quality of products made in Italy.

Find a new way to illuminate your bedroom, or change how your bathroom looks like.

Bring the innovation of contemporary art into your house and feel the ancient traditions of italian craftsmen every time you turn the light on.

Bring the light of Italy into your life.

Choose here the lighting solution of your dreams.